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Carboxtherapy has made the biggest breakthrough in the beauty industry. it is a painless method with long lasting effects and involves controlled micro injections of carbon dioxide into the skin.

How does it work

Co2 injected microscopically causes a rapid expansion of blood vessels and an increase in blood flow along with nutrients.

Carboxtherapy Can

Revitalize the skin
Firm & rejuvenate
Help eliminate acne and discolouration
Liquefy shadows & bags
Reduce dark circles under eyes
Reduce wrinkles and scars
Dissolve fat
Reduce cellulite& stretch marks

Areas it can improve

Scars & Stretch Marks
The linear development of scars or stretch marks is aimed at mechanical disruption of fibrosis and separation of connective tissue from the substrate, which gives the effect of sunken skin. The treatment forces the production of type 3 collagen and the creation of new blood vessels.

Plumping the skin to improve appearance of pigmentation and prominent veins.

Strengthening scalp blood microcirculation results in better nutrition of the hair bulb matrix, accelerated growth and reduced hair loss.

Carboxtherapy of the eye area is excellent for improving the condition of the eyelid skin. it allows you to reduce dark circles under the eyes, thicken the skin of the lower eyelid and reduce swelling.

The skin’s response to Co2 injection is to cause inflammation and initiate the process of remodeling, improving microcirculation and collagen production.

Neck and Decolletage
Carboxtherapy of the neck and decolletage has the accompanying effect of contraction of collagen fibers, which results in increased skin elasticity.

Fat tissue reduction
carbon dioxide significantly reduces the pH of the tissue to which it is applied locally. The fat membranes dissolve, thanks to which the cells die, are metabolized and excreted by the body.