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Problems & Solutions

Problem: Tired Looking Skin – in need of freshening up.

Solution: Invest in products, possibly a peel or microneedling. Try not to smoke, Stay out of the sun a must!

Problem: Gravity, sagging skin and jowley areas.

Solution: Dermal Fillers are a great way to lift and reshape with relatively low cost and short downtime period. (See ‘the half hour face lift’) Possibly a surgical face lift at some stage.

Problem: Red, blotchy areas/small spider veins (telengectasia)

Solution: Diathermy treatment or sclerotherapy. Intense Pulse Light can also help with the smallest of blotchy areas.

Problem: Wrinkles and fine lines around eyes (crows feet) and forehead areas.

Solution: Muscle relaxing injections which take seconds to inject.

Problem: Fine lines and wrinkles lower face areas.

Solution: Dermal filler injections. possibly a small amount of wrinkle relaxing injections especially for ‘purse string’ wrinkles around the lips. Coollifting


Problem: Thread veins in the legs.

Solution: Sclerotherapy is the best method, tried and tested for many years.


Problem: Acne scarring

Solution: Microneedling, skin peels or any other type of skin resurfacing.


Problem: Warts, skin tags moles on the face or body.

Solution: Cryotherapy – liquid nitrogen applied to freeze the area.


Problem: Open pores, acne scarring

Solution: Possibly a skin peel or microneedling.


Problem: Loose ‘turkey’ neck Solution:

Solution: Radio frequency treatments with Elos technology, possibly a surgical face/neck lift.


Problem: Stretch marks, abdomen, buttocks and thigh areas.

Solution: Carboxy therapy – tiny injections of CO2 injected into the stretch marks.