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Safety and Aftercare

At Brunel Medical we pride ourselves on the high standards of safety and hygiene we use with all our treatments

Christine Springer is a member of the British Association of Sclerotherapists.

We are constantly monitoring the latest developments in skin care and cosmetic treatments, and continually training to ensure our skills are up to date and of the highest current standards.

We put our clients’ needs and wishes first, giving all the information necessary about our treatments and products. We discuss health history and the suitability of treatments in a free consultation before any treatments are carried out. Details and records are of the utmost confidentiality and privacy is always respected. We are always eager to hear your feedback about our services. As part of our ongoing responsibility towards the well-being of our clients we work closely with a medical doctor who, when appropriate can advise and guide if necessary.

We do not participate in or advocate  ‘botox  parties’! Treatment under the influence of alcohol and/or peer pressure is not recommended.

We see our clients as our most valued resource, and your well-being and satisfaction with our expertise is our best advertisement, especially since so many of our clients come to us following personal recommendation by their friends and colleagues.