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Thread Vein Removal - Legs and Face

Leg and facial thread veins (telengectasia) are unsightly and can cause embarrassment.

Sclerotherapy is convenient, safe and regarded as the best method for thread vein removal. A tiny needle is used to flush the vein with a sclerosant solution causing it to fade and gradually dissolve away.

On average a session takes about 30 minutes and most people report that the treatment is relatively pain free and comfortable. Following treatment after care advice will be given. We advise not to get the treated area wet for at least 24 hours and to carry on with normal activity. Further sessions are usually required with one month in between sessions.

A free consultation is given prior to treatment and a full medical history is taken by our clinics’ doctor to assess your suitability. Christine Springer (RN), our sclerotherapist is a member of the British Association of Sclerotherapists (BAS).

This is a medical treatment and as such should only be done by a doctor or registered nurse!

Before Sclerotherapy and After 3 sessions. Clinics own photos


This treatment is usually the best way of removing thread/spider veins in the face. It is done with an electrolysis machine and a electrical current directed through a tiny needle is applied to cauterise the veins. Tiny scabs may be visible for a few days following treatment. Usually one session is sufficient.

Diathermy is an old, established method and in Christine’s view the best for most facial thread veins (telengectasias).